The Kringle Candle Story: Like Father, Like Son

At just 16, Michael Kittredge II made his first candle on an antique Queen Anne Stove using his crayons for his mother's Christmas present. Within a year, the stove became the heart of a tiny but fast-growing business called Yankee Candle. Mr. Kittredge had reshaped the giftware landscape and raised candle industry standards. In 1998, he sold his business and retired from the world of wax and wicks- or so he thought.

In 2008, Michael Kittredge III (Mick) made scented candles the theme of a collegiate marketing course. Utilizing his inherited knowledge, he placed the same care and attention to quality and detail in producing his own candles on the stove his father used in launching Yankee Candle in 1969. The pair then saw a business future together, and in October 2010, the Kringle Candle Company in Bernardston, Massachusetts opened its doors.

Today, Kringle Candle is the leading manufacturer of exceptional all-white, realistic, ultra-fragrant candles that blend with every decor. The company's mission and focus continues- producing superior candles, beautiful graphics and providing outstanding customer service. Kringle Candle brings back to the marketplace a heritage in fragrance. 

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